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On the occasion of the publication of Twelve Paintings, Excursions in Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie, the book’s author, Berlin-based writer and curator Tal Sterngast – a guest at the Outset Bialik Residency in Tel Aviv – will talk with Nicola Trezzi, director and curator of CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo. The book is divided into twelve chapters and each chapter is dedicated to one painting from the Gemäldegalerie’s collection of European painting from the 13th to the 18th centuries. In the breadth of this idiosyncratic selection, painting is seen as it discovers itself and becomes a medium for the formulation of modern subjectivity. In her writing, Sterngast focuses on contemporary concerns in the field of art and society at large. In doing so, the book triggers pivotal questions such as: “How does the primordial drive to destroy works of art affect today’s art discourse? What are the paradoxes within which art is made by women? Where did the modern struggle of painting against the picture begin? Why does the Wild Man from the early German Renaissance still haunt us?”

The event will be held in English. It is supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

Tal Sterngast

Twelve Paintings, Excursions in Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie, 2020

112 pp, 12 color illustrations, softcover, 14 × 21 cm

Published by Hatje Cantz

Photo: studio stg

Book launch | Twelve Paintings, Excursions in Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie by Tal Sterngast

June 2, 2021



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