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During this conversation, moderated by Fashion Journalist Shachar Atwan, fashion designer Tali Kushnir and artist Maayan Elyakim will hold a conversation about craft and art. Kushnir and Elyakim will elaborate on their shared position that views art, design and craft as complementary fields that contribute and interact with each other. They will discuss how this position is expressed in various creative fields in Israel and around the world, and how it is reflected in the work processes of each one of them. In addition, they will speak about their shared inspirations that draw from local culture and history. Kushnir will talk about the impact of art on her work and the application of craftsmanship to her clothing production processes. Elyakim will talk about the important roles of design and various crafts in his works. This conversation is part of “Salons and Kitchenettes,” a series of events held in conjunction with “Jordan Nassar: The Sea Beneath Our Eyes,” currently on view at the Center.

The event will be held in Hebrew.


A piece from Tali Kushnir’s collection By The Sea, 2019

Courtesy of the artist

Photo: Dudi Hasson


Maayan Elyakim

Bird, 2018

Bird of paradise flower, water, glass, plywood and cherry veneer, 138 × 15 × 15 cm

Courtesy of the artist

Conversation | Tali Kushnir and Maayan Elyakim on Craft and Art

October 15, 2019



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