Please join us for a special event, which is part of the public program of “Daniel Silver: Chorus and the Walking Tables.” This two-part event will take place at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo and at the Israel Museum Jerusalem. The centerpiece in Silver’s exhibition was created as a response to a set of 3rd-century CE funerary busts made of soft limestone from the Greco-Roman period that was found in Beit She'an and is on permanent display at the archaeology wing of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Growing up in Jerusalem, the artist visited the Museum numerous times, and his encounter with these busts has stayed with him since, becoming an important reference point in his artistic language. The first part of the event will be a viewing of Silver’s work at CCA by Nicola Trezzi, curator of the exhibition; after a shuttle bus to Jerusalem, the second part will take place at the Archeology Wing of IMJ with a lecture by David Mevorah, Senior Curator of Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Periods.

The event will be held in English and Hebrew.

 This is a special event; if you want to participate, please contact CCA Tel Aviv Office Manager Guy Bernard Reichmann at

Duration: 180 mins

Funerary busts, Beit She'an, 3rd-century CE. Local soft limestone, variable dimensions. Collection of the Israel Museum Jerusalem.

Exhibition tour / Lecture | Nicola Trezzi on Daniel Silver / David Mevorach on the Funerary Busts

January 17, 2023





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