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Led by artist and CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo Office Manager Guy Bernard Reichmann, alongside artists and Content Managers Mona Benyamin and Esraa Abed, “out-of-office” is a series of events to be presented in the Marc Schimmel Multipurpose Gallery. Focused on time-based practices such as video, dance, and performance, and in line with the multidisciplinary mission of the Center, “o-o-o” was conceived as a way to nurture the domestic scene.

The third and final session of “Ten of Sticks” consists of a live composition by a trio of electric guitarists – Sharon Kantor, Ariel Kleiner, Or Rimer – based on the tradition of noise rock and yet embarking on an exploration through the world of sound. The show is defined by its creators as an “organic pursuit of manufacturers or imagined melodies within the frequencies produced by playing at a certain volume, in unconventional directions, reverberating in space with methods of imitation and replication.” On this occasion, the trio performs within Gershoni’s Synthetic Passage (2018-ongoing), an installation featuring closed-circuit televisions that produce audio-visual feedback. The viewers move between the experience of the live show and its “disassembly and reunification” in real-time and broadcast on the screens.

Duration: 60 min

Admission: 50₪

For tickets and reductions click here

Sharon Kantor, Ariel Kleiner, Or Rimer and Nimrod

Photo: Sharon Kantor

Performance | out-of-office: Sharon Kantor, Ariel Kleiner, Or Rimer and Nimrod Alexander Gershoni

June 24, 2023



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