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Inspired by “Jordan Nassar: The Sea Beneath Our Eyes,” currently on view at the Center, the upcoming Saturday Kids Lab will focus on the relations between objects, craftsmanship, traditions, and storytelling. First, we will visit the exhibition and examine the ways in which the artist transformed the gallery into a domestic space, which he built using various objects, materials and decorations, all created by local craftspeople. The kids will explore the exhibition and discover the materials and techniques with which the objects were made and the unspoken stories they carry within them. Then, we will move to our Educational Hub, where we will view more artworks by other artists who use objects and their cultural contexts in their practice. Finally, we will continue with hands-on activities that include inventing stories about various objects and drawing booklets.

The Saturday Kids Lab is led by CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo Educational Manager Eden Bannet for children between 6 and 10-year old.

Jordan Nassar

Still Life with Hebron Glass Vase, Refurbished Oud, Hebron Ceramic Saucer, Jaffa Metalwork Pitcher, Ethiopian Basketry Cup Holder, 2019

Photo: Eyal Agivayev

Saturday Lab Kids Workshop | Tales of Objects

November 29, 2019



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