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CINEMAY is a screening curated by choreographer May Zarhy. In each episode, Zarhy presents a stage work that hasn’t been performed in Israel, either because the piece is no longer presented, cannot be toured, or was made by an artist who refuse to come to Israel. The program presents documentation of the selected dance and performance piece followed by a video conference with their respective author. CINEMAY’s Season I was presented at Kelim Choreographic Center in Bat Yam (Israel) in 2017, and featured works by Eszter Salamon, Taldans (Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sızanlı), Martin Schick, Panaibra Gabriel Canda, and Maria Campos Arroyo. CINEMAY’s Season II was presented at the Center in 2019, and featured works by Lucy Guerin, Youness Atbane, Germaine Acogny, Ioannis Mandafounis and Fabrice Mazliah and Noé Soulier. In Episode I of CINEMAY’s Season III, May Zarhy will present Moriah Evans’s Figuring and Configure (both 2018). Originating from internal physical processes, Moriah Evans’ Figuring and Configure take micro movements as method. Through pacing and scale, the physical gestures of the performers make malleable the inner qualities of the body, as well as the sensation of time. These works question the very space in which the dance performance occurs, whether it is the theatrical space or the museum or gallery space. During this episode, the audience will have the opportunity to watch excerpts of Figuring and Configure, and to engage in a live conversation with Evans.

The event will be held in English.

Moriah Evans

Figuring, 2018

View of the performance

Courtesy of the artist

Photo: Paula Court

Screening | CINEMAY: Season III, Episode I

May 27, 2019



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