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Written by Stéphane Miquel, directed by Vivien Desouches and produced by André Djaoui, Gérard Garouste en Chemin [Gérard Garouste on the way] (2017) is a journey through the oeuvre and life of French painter Gérard Garouste. Both biographical and artistic, the documentary traces his sources of inspiration, trials and tribulations, while offering insight into major paintings, commented on by the artist himself. Based on Garouste’s obsession with Judaism and his desire to study the Bible and the Talmud, the film follows five major paths that have shaped his personal quest: the path of the son, recalling his lifetime conflict with his anti-Semitic father; the path of the fool, in which he reveals how his psychiatric internments have built his identity; the path of the painter, seen in his studio; the path of the student, shaped by his relationship with the philosopher and rabbi Marc-Alain Ouaknin; and finally, the path of wisdom, reached at his current age. Featuring interviews with the artist and his close relatives, his wife, Elizabeth, and his friends, including designer Philippe Starck, the film takes viewers onto an edifying journey following the life of one of the most fascinating figures in the French cultural scene. A Q&A with Gérard Garouste will follow the screening.

The event will be held in English and it is supported by Institut Français Israël.

Vivien Desouches

Gérard Garouste en Chemin, 2018

Movie still

Screening | Gérard Garouste en Chemin

November 19, 2018



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