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Join us for a screening of Gila Who Walks Alone (2022). This short film tells the story of Gila – a single Orthodox Jewish woman – who struggles to find her own voice in her family’s crowded apartment and embarks on a self-determined journey during which she goes on a date with a deaf-blind man, and takes a night stroll to visit the tomb of Rachel the Matriarch – the only holy site in Judaism dedicated to a female figure. Written and directed by Yuval Shapira, the film is starring Batel Dotan, Riki Blich, Lee Gilat, Matan Rokach, Gali Ber, Yuval Naaman, Tal-Shira Gabso, Sapphire and Esther Sharon, Daniel Fruman, Shay Fishman, Omer Grabelsky, Tamuz Levi, and Mili Eshet.

Four consecutive screenings will be held; the final screening will be followed by a conversation with the filmmaker. For additional information, please email our Office Manager Guy Bernard Reichmann at

Gila Who Walks Alone is an Israeli-French production and it is supported by the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC), and the New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT).

Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

Admission: Free

Film Duration: 20 min

Screening times: 7:30pm; 8:00pm; 8:30pm; 9:00pm

Yuval Shapira

Gila Who Walks Alone, 2022

Film still

Screening | Gila Who Walks Alone by Yuval Shapira

December 22, 2022


19:30 / 20:00 / 20:30 / 21:00

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