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Please join us for the screening of A Different Life, a new one-hour long video by Ohad Fishof, commissioned by Mazkeka in Jerusalem, in conjunction with Fishof’s 50th birthday last November. A Different Life is an audio-visual essay, an associative journey through Fishof’s 30 years of artistic creation, enriched by sources that have been inspiring him throughout the years: from images to sound, from the avant-garde and the traditional, from music to dance, from live footage to YouTube clips. Unique in its kind and yet completely aligned with Fishof’s distinctive multidisciplinary practice, this work can be seen as a sort of self-retrospective, but also as a window into the artist’s mind, a wordless story about the complex relationship between a human being and the world around him.

Ohad Fishof

A Different Life, 2020

Video still

Courtesy of the artist

Screening | Ohad Fishof: A Different Life

April 29, 2021



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