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Led by artist and CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo Office Manager Guy Bernard Reichmann, alongside artists and Content Managers Mona Benyamin and Esraa Abed, “out-of-office” is a series of events to be presented in the Marc Schimmel Multipurpose Gallery. Focused on time-based practices such as video, dance, and performance, and in line with the multidisciplinary mission of the Center, “o-o-o” was conceived as a way to nurture the domestic scene.

Part of “o-o-o” and featuring works by Noa Yafe, Shira Orion, Tamar Hirschfeld, Or Ariely, Ori Carmeli, and Ohad Fishof, “Take Me…” is the latest iteration of a series of screenings curated by Meital Aviram. Through the presentation of videos and experimental films, the series presents a specific look at iconic TV shows of Channel 2 – the first Israeli commercial TV channel – aired in the 1990s and 2000s. This iteration is dedicated to Take Me Sharon, 20 years after it was first aired. Following this starting point, the screening echoes the collapse and reconstruction of “real” narratives, reflecting on the possibility of creating seemingly authentic characters that transcend this constructed reality.

The Sequence of videos will be screened twice.

Duration: 45 mins (each screening)

Admission: 20₪

For tickets click here

Tamar Hirschfeld

Rosaline in the Holyland, 2017

Still from video

Screening | out-of-office: Take me…

August 24, 2023



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