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CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo is pleased to present a curatorial workshop with André Lepecki. The workshop is geared towards practicing curators and will focus on curating experimental performance by addressing a series of works Lepecki has curated in the recent past. Those works, by Trajal Harrell, William Pope.L, Maria José Arjona, Mette Edvardsen, and Ricardo Basbaum all hover between dance, theater, installation, happening, body art, social sculpture, and social choreography. As such, in their aesthetic singularities, they tend to catalyze and precipitate a series of para-events that challenge institutions, the public, and the very notion of curating. In his “tales from the field” Lepecki will indicate how, in many ways, curating is a matter of co-imagining not just with the artist, but with a series of invisible forces and non-human matters shaping the field of representation, presentation, politics, and spectatorship.

The event will be held in English and it is presented in collaboration with Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam (Israel), Artis and the Outset Residency.

Maria José Arjona

Chair, 2018

View of the performance (re-performer by Daniela Amaya Chauves) at MAMBO, Bogotá

Courtesy of the artist

Photo: Lisa Palomino

Workshop | Curation, Co-Imagination, Situation, Performance: Tales from the Field

February 23, 2019



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