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Led by artist and CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo Office Manager Guy Bernard Reichmann, alongside artist and Content Manager Mona Benyamin, “out-of-office” is a series of events to be presented in the Marc Schimmel Multipurpose Gallery. Focused on time-based practices such as video, dance, and performance, and in line with the multidisciplinary mission of the Center, “o-o-o” was conceived as a way to nurture the domestic scene.

CALL TO ARMS (2021) by PentHouss is an immersive performance that uses dance, sound, light, and optics to explore themes of governmental power, control, and social unrest, and reflects on the complex relationship between agents of power and the civilians they supposedly protect. The piece is performed by six dancers dressed in real riot police uniforms who move through a series of crowd control tactics lifted directly from police training in a choreography that also draws from krumping – a dance style informed by street fighting. The performance takes place in a mirrored hexagon, which creates the illusion of an infinite armed forces.

CALL TO ARMS was created by PentHouss’ Anna Lann and Yonathan Trichter, in collaboration with choreographer Ekin Bernay, and is performed by Gui Alon, Yotam Baruch, Gal Gorfung, Reches Itzhaky, Evyatar Omessy, and Yuval Shapira. Set design by Michael Sabo and PentHouss; light design by Hagai Moshe Ron and PentHouss; graphic design by Danielle Erenberg; production assistance by Gal Karmona. The work was created with the support of Mifal HaPais and the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv. Special thanks to Iris Rywkind Ben Zour.

Duration: 30 min.

Admission: 35₪

For tickets, click on the desired date and then proceed to the desired time slot:

Thursday, June 13 at 7:00/7:45/8:30pm

Friday, June 14 at 2:00/2:45/3:30pm

Saturday, June 15 at 4:00/4:45/5:30pm

Thursday, June 20 7:00/7:45/8:30pm

Friday, June 21 at 2:00/2:45/3:30pm

Saturday, June 22 at 4:00/4:45/5:30pm



View of the performance at Ugly Duck, London

Photo: Daniel Jackont

Performance | out-of-office: PentHouss

June 22, 2024

June 13, 2024

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