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Custom Made City: New Exhibition at the CSP Gallery

Custom Made City is a new group exhibition exploring urban space through the eyes of individuals who live and interact in the city. The works in this exhibition deal with the complexity of urban experience, which at its core are its inhabitants’ daily actions and experiences that leave no tangible trace. However, despite their fleetingness, these daily routines create a sense of belonging to a space, and are an important component of urban design.

A special interactive project by Hagar Mitelpunkt will take place on the exhibition’s opening evening on May 2nd.

Curator: Gali Faber Artists: Merav Shinn Ben-Alon, Hagar Mitelpunkt, Michal Rothschild, Nir Segal, Malki Tesler

On Saturday, May 11th at 12:00 curator Gali Faber will conduct a gallery talk with the artists in the exhibition

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