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[:he]אירועי חודש אוקטובר 2010

OFF Series-Part II – Masters of Video Art

Program 10- Georg Kuchar

Monday October 4th, at 20:00 at the CCA

George kuchar has become known as America’s most distinctive and outrageous underground filmmaker of the 1950 s’ 1960 s’ and 1970. He works with his home- made 8mm camcorder, cheap special effects and enlists his friends as actors to create exciting and prolific independent films. He now teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute, where he creates with his students new bodies of work.

we the Normal -, 1987, 11:29 min Weather Diary 3  – 1988, 23:51min Season of  Sorrow –  1996 , 13:00 min Burnout – 2003 , 19:47 min Temple of Torment –  , 2006 , 18:00 min Total : 86:07 Entrance: 10 NIS

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Guided Tours on weekends

The CCA is happy to launch new guided tours of the exhibition on weekends, every Friday and Saturday at 12:00. The tours will be guided by graduates of the curatorial studies Program of the Kibbutzim College of Education and the CCA.

The first tour will be of Yan Tichi’s solo exhibition, on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

The Shabbat Lab

Video Art Saturday’s for Kids

The Shabbat Lab is the first series of its kind in Israel: an artistic workshop for kids ages 5-10, with an emphasis on the medium of Video Art, on Saturday mornings. The new series invites children to a fascinating encounter with Israeli and international art, while focusing on video art and an experimental cinema. The language of these contemporary mediums is attractive and approachable for children. The meetings will include touring the current exhibition, watching video art from the CCA’s video archive, and a practical creative workshop. The different activities aim to encourage curios and independent thought, while developing creative ways of expression. This is an invitation to go out on a journey of exploration, observation and play! The program is designed and taught by Eden Benet and Tali Keren, two young artists, experienced in teaching and working with children. First meeting – October 09, 2010 Please Register in advance; the numbers of participants is limited for each session, attending costs 35 NIS. For registration or more information Pls. contact Chen at 03-5106112 or

Dov Or-Ner – “Bad Renro”

Artist Book Release

Monday October 25th, at 20:00 at The Center for Contemporary Art

“Bad Renro” Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House Ltd. Red Line Series Series Editor: Giora Rosen Book Editor: Tali Tamir Texts: Moshe Zuckermann, Liav Mizrahi, Tali Tamir Design: The League

The book was made possible by the support of the Israel Lottery Council for the Arts

Or-Ner’s artist- book – “Bad Renro” – presents a series of drawings composed of zerox and hand-drawing. Obsessively drawn throughout the last two years, Or-Ner provokes the ultimate icon – the portrait of Hitler. Or-Ner, born in Paris, 1927, was a child during the war. He is known for his artistic-political line of work, including the “Museum of Museums”‘ relating to the Lebanon War. At the age of 80 he returns to drawing, to paper, and to the defining experience of his European childhood – which left him with the feeling of a pervasive, irrational world. Bad Renro – Or Ner himself, dressed to resemble Hitler – is an intriguing image of the victim and oppressor entwined. 3 videos of Or Ner with the Renro figure will be screened during the evening.

Speakers: Uzi Shavit, Giora Rozen,  Moshe Zuckermann, Tali Tamir, Liav Mizravi,  and the artist.

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