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Saturday Lab Kids Workshop: Balagan

Saturday, June 20 at 11 am 

Inspired by “Sharif Waked: Balagan”, currently on view at CCA Tel Aviv, the upcoming Saturday Lab Kids workshop will focus on contemporary art practices that appropriate images – not only from art but also from culture – and the application of a variety of processing techniques, editing and disrupting in order to create new art. First, we will visit the exhibition and see how the artist is casting new meaning into the original images he chose to appropriate. In doing so we will also investigate the various languages and mediums he employs, from optical illusion to video animation, from calligraphy to collage. Later on, we will move onto practical activities, where the children will select an image from our library and create a series of artworks through variety of techniques, including photographic collage, stop-motion animation (GIF), drawing and more.

Led by: Eden Bannett in Hebrew

Ages: 6-10

Duration: 1 and a half hours

Tickets: 40 NIS per child, 32 NIS for Digitel card holders

Purchase link will be made available soon

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