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Video, performance and sound event

November 3rd, 20.30

Curator: Ruth Amidror

Participating artists:

Ori Lichtik, VJ Shoken

Ari Marcopoulos

Turing Dames: Dganit Elyakim, Batt-Girl, Eran Hadas

LoVid: Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus

Robocof: Tom Porat, Bar Faber, Priel Hackim, Moty Listovsky

Technophobia is fear of or aversion to technology, especially computers and high technology. It is humanity’s fear of its own creation. Technophobia is an expression of our own discomfort when faced with a changing world and an accelerated and dizzying pace of changes.

The event “Technophobia” presents art that deals with technology or that technology is an integral part of it. It includes live performances by: Ori Lichtik and VJ Shoken/ Turing Dames/Robocof and special screening of works by: Ari Marcopoulos “Detroit 2009″ (courtesy of Ratio 3 gallery and the artist) / LoVid “Hack your face” (courtesy of the artists)

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