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CINEMAY – Season II, Episode II: The Second Copy 2045 by Youness Atbane

Sunday, February 3 at 7:30 pm

In the second episode of CINEMAY’s second season, May Zarhy will present Youness Atbane’s work The Second Copy 2045, which will be followed by a video conference with the author. Youness Atbane (1982, Morocco, lives and works in Casablanca and Berlin) studied at the ex.e.r.ce program at the CCN in Montpellier, France, and obtained his MA in Literature and Museology from the University of Nice, France. Atbane’s work is the result of a plurality of practices and is based on his ability to move from one discipline to another, from contemporary dance to visual art, from photography and installation to performance. The exploratory nature of his work – which brings together performative and narrative aspects – can be perceived as discursive and formal at the same time. As a sharp analyst of the artistic field, its components, and the dynamics between different cultural players, Atbane redefines the historical status of the artist and their role in the cultural field.

About The Second Copy 2045 The Second Copy 2045 explores the thin border between fiction and documentary, as well as the prospective potential of narrative. During this conference-performance, the gestures of the artist, who is both the subject matter and the author of the narrative, raise questions about possible representations of history, especially focusing on the people who are in charge of writing history. In this project, the line between fiction and documentary is not only erased, but also intertwined through the creation of fictional and factual narratives – an invitation to question, among other things, the use of prospective narratives, which is informed by the theories of French philosopher, Paul Ricœur.

About CINEMAY CINEMAY is a screening series curated by choreographer May Zarhy (*1984, Tel Aviv. Lives and works in Tel Aviv and Frankfurt). Once a month, Zarhy presents documentation of stage works that haven’t been performed in Israel, either because the pieces are no longer presented, cannot be toured, or were made by artists who refuse to come to Israel. The program presents full-length documentation of these selected dance and performance pieces followed by a video conference with their respective author. The first season of CINEMAY was presented at Kelim Choreographic Center in Bat Yam, Israel, in 2017, and featured works by Eszter Salamon, Taldans (Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sızanlı), Martin Schick, Panaibra Gabriel Canda, and Maria Campos Arroyo. The second season of CINEMAY is presented at the CCA Tel Aviv. Information about the artists and works presented during the program will be published once a month for each event.

*The talk will be held in English. Number of seats are limited, tickets required. Image by YORiYAS

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