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Close-Up: Rize by David Lachapelle

Close-Up: Rize by David Lachapelle Wednesday, September 3, 7:30pm

David Lachapelle’s 2005 cult-classic documentary exposed the world to krumping, a bold hip-hop dance form that emerged in Los Angeles in the 1990s. Rooted in clowning subculture, krumping evolved into a highly intense street dance genre notable for extremely rapid movements. Lachapelle ties the evolution of krumping to race riots in 1960s and 1990s, gangs and drug culture, and the complexities of African heritage in the US. Kaplun will introduce the film and its inspiration for her own work with African and Latin Amerian teenage girls from south Tel Aviv who work with Kaplun on dance, singing, and self-expression in the face of acute racism in Israel. Together with Kaplun, they create dance videos that will be screened on August 27, 2014 .

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