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Courses for adults

Courses for adults Fundamentals editing – video editing workshop for beginners 12 sessions for ages 17-87: Sundays 18:30 to 20:00, from 10.25.15 Price 900 ₪ course

Meetings with the concepts and ideas of the world of familiarity with the editorial side of the editing system “Premier Pro CC”. The workshop schedule supervised experience with basic tools of image editing and sound editing features for project management, computer sequencing of raw materials, useful effects and export the edited movie viewing in different formats. In addition, each session will consist Watching films and video works from the archives of the CCA and will add their commentary discussing different approaches to edit – rate, the relationship between image and sound and railway building. During the workshop, each participant / A A / production video work at least one of the five to ten minutes. Participants / s will have access to computers for editing shelter last week to work at the workshop. Under the guidance of artist and editor Thalia Hoffman.

Generations behind the lens – Video Workshop grandmothers / grandfathers and granddaughters / grandsons 15 Meetings: Sundays 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., From 10.25.15 Price: 1500 ₪ couple

Video Workshop offers a unique cross-generational meeting of grandmothers / grandfathers and granddaughters / grandsons through the camera lens. Workshop participants will recognize the / s basic tools of making and attempts at feature films, including concept and script writing, directing, cinematography and editing. All along the workshop grandfather / grandson cabin / jointly make the short film from concept to film special screening of contemporary art receiver plaza. (Each pair is asked to bring a home video camera / smart phone.) Under the guidance of artist and editor Thalia Hoffman.

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