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From and About Place: Art from Los angeles

participating artists:  Scoli Acosta, Edgar Arceneaux, Alexandra Grant, Adam Janes, My Barbarian, Ruben Ochoa, and Fran Siegel

“From and About Place”: Art from Los Angeles, brings together seven artists who work in Los Angeles. Their practices, which encompass

drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, and video, are stylistically and conceptually wide-ranging and reflect the diversity that artists freely embrace today.

The artists represent a current generation of artists who have chosen Los Angeles as the place to live, work, and develop social and cultural relations that feed into their artistic practice. They share an interest in both mental and physical place, and their art expresses the mobility and pace of today’s contemporary life. The artists draw inspiration from their immediate surroundings and their personal experiences.

The work of Scoli Acosta and Ruben Ochoa reflects on the city’s urban composition and multicultural makeup, while Fran Siegel’s drawings are based on her own photographs of encroaching urban development in Southern California as seen from an airplane. Alexandra Grant and Edgar Arceneaux deal with personal experiences through the use of language and video: Grant’s experience growing up in various countries has led her to focus on language and what is gained and lost in translation; Arceneaux works with the notion of presence and absence and space/time rendered as both memory and illusion. My Barbarian is a performance troupe that uses music, dance, video, and theater in a lighthearted approach to address historical as well as current racial, social, and cultural issues. Bringing art historical references into his work, Adam Janes makes drawings and sculptures that are often conceptualized and displayed in tandem. Janes’s interest in multiple subjects coalesces in his visually complex drawings, with sculpture providing hands-on opportunity to rethink some of his original ideas.

With the support of Tel Aviv/Los Angeles Partnership – a collaborative project of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, the Municipality of Tel Aviv – Yafo, and the Jewish Agency for Israel

Curator: Alma Ruiz

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