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Housework – New Exhibition at the CSP Gallery

Opening: Wednesday, June 19, 8:00pm

The exhibition “Housework” examines social reality from a female perspective. It assumes that even in the 21st century, women are the ones to carry the burden of housework. Even if they work outside the home, and even if they have domestic help, the majority of women still find themselves in the kitchen.

In our culture, the image of a woman in the kitchen carries with it myriad connotations: abundance, availability, care, surrender, hard labor and exploitation, control, joy, pleasure, loneliness, angry outbursts, insanity, and sexuality. Creativity can also be added to the list, though it is one of service to others: women produce something that others are supposed to consume.

This exhibition presents the duality inherent in daily work in the home. On one hand, it’s hard and monotonous work, and on the other hand, it offers contentment and creativity. Women simultaneously work, raise children, and want their homes to feel “homey.” The works in “Housework” give form to female dynamism and its workload, as well as the irony and absurdity of this complex position.

Curated by: Inbal Sharon

Artists include: Ella Amitay Sadovsky, Yael Bedarshi, Iris Cintra, Agi Mishol, Boaz Noy, Orit Raff, Alma Shneor

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