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I Want To Dance, Kate! Show by Ari Teperberg

Friday, June 19, 12pm Saturday, June 20, 7pm Saturday, June 20, 9pm

In an isolated house live five sisters. They aren’t sure which is which. No one goes outside, no one comes to visit, and the only male in the vicinity is their radio. They want to dance.

In this situation of paralysis, infused with the burning desire to break free, the focus moves from one woman to the other. We look deep into each woman’s consciousness, with the other four functioning as her mirror, backed by a vocal artist who accompanies the show.

For I Want To Dance, Kate! Ari Teperberg remixes Brian Friel’s 1990 play, Dancing at Lughnasa. The play opens with quotes from it or quotes supposedly from it, blurring the distinction between originality and homage.

The piece examines mechanisms of control and obedience in a close and intimate situation. Through the mixing of performance art, dance, and sound, Teperberg explores the limitations of the body, the dependency caused by belonging to a group, and the inadequacy of language.

I Want To Dance, Kate! was originally created at the Akko Festival for Alternative Theatre 2014, and won prizes for best costume and best stage language. The jurors claimed that: “… for the design of a unique stage language, sensitive and full of nuances, that creates a complex psychological field of control and obedience within the nuclear family.”

Ari Teperberg is a theatre and opera director, as well as a performer. He grew up in Jerusalem and graduated from the School of Visual Theatre (2013). He is the recipient of the Jerusalem Foundation Prize, 2011.  In 2009, Teperberg co-founded, together with Inbal Yomtovian, the “Golden Delicious” ensemble, producing and touring with “Object-Theatre” shows in Israel and abroad. In 2013, Teperberg directed Pearl Fishers, an opera by Bizet at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, conducted by Michael Klinghoffer, and was assistant director to Gabriele Ribis in the Jerusalem Opera’s production of Don Giovanni at the King David Citadel.

In 2014, Teperberg presented What Happened to my Voice? an evening of two of his pieces at Tmuna Theatre, and in December he directed Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro at the Jerusalem Opera, conducted by Omer Arieli with the Ashdod Symphony Orchestra. In 2015, he will be directing the Hebrew opera Dan the Guard by Marc Lavry in a coproduction of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the National Library, conducted by Michael Klinghoffer.

Performers: Ilana Baer | Haya Bershinski | Talia De Vries | Tamar Lamm | Yael Finkel Musician and creation partner: Ayelet Lerman | Set & costume design: Joanna Jones | Soundtrack design: Ari Teperberg | Lighting design: Adi Shimrony Producer: Yuval Binshtock | Vocal Coaching: Lee Teperberg-Kannay | Dramaturgy consultant: Carmel Yedid-Leibowitz | Space and Custmes Design: Joanna Jones

Tickets: 03-5106111 or purchase at the event.

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