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It’s Alive! #2

It’s alive! Is a new series of live art events in the Center for Contemporary Art. The multidisciplinary events will provide an experimental artistic arena and a social gathering place.

It’s Alive! # 2-07/06, with the participation of Nezaket Ekici (Turkey/Germany), Sean Rogg (England), Shahar Marcus (Israel)

Curator- Maayan Sheleff

*Entrance to It’s Alive program – 25 nis

It’s Alive! #2

Thursday, 07/06, 19/30-21/30, in the CCA

Nezaket Ekici- living ornament

“Living Ornaments” is a Living Installation by Nezaket Ekici. Seven participants together with the artist form a circle on the ground. Their hair is reminiscent of a tree, with tomatoes placed at the end of the symbolized brushes, eaten slowly by the participants. The idea derives from the ornament which is composed of elements that repeat as well as have individuality, and implies to the ancient idea of a circle of life and death.

As a master student of Marina Abramovic, Nezaket Ekici is working internationally for more than 10 years as a performance artist. Her work has been shown at various Biennales and art venues such as PS1, NY, MOCCA Toronto , Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Istanbul Modern, and MOCA Taipei. She has recently presented her first major retrospective exhibition at museum Marta in Herford, Germany.

Sean Rogg in collaboration with uri Frost- wonderful little creatures

Wonderful Little Creatures is a live art and sound performance by Sean Rogg. A small laboratory set is constructed. A series of liquids are mixed together, each containing various formulas to create fluids that when heated to extreme temperature behave like living organisms. Musician Uri Frost will be reacting to the creatures and performing a live sonic interpretation of what these animals might sound like if they were real.

Sean Rogg is a young British Artist working in the field of video and performance. His work has been exhibited at The Wapping Project, Bloomberg SPACE and ICA in London, as well as part of TinaB Biennale in Prague, at Modern Art Oxford, The CCA in Tel Aviv and Gallery Jonas Kleerup in Stockholm. He currently lives and works in London.  

Uri Frost started out as a rock-musician and later branched out into increasingly experimental forms. He produces albums, composes music for theatre, dance, film and video installations as well as directed short films, videos and performance. He has worked in Israel, Brazil and the U.K.

Shahar Marcus- The kitchen

Shahar Marcus’ kitchen is one of pleasure and pain. During the performance the actions of the housewife/artist are used to create objects of pleasure which quickly disintegrate. In every stage there is an attempt to turn the monotonous action into an innovative creation. The work shifts between the kitchen to the guest room in which a dining table is gradually created.

Shahar Marcus is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video, performance and sculpture. Marcus had exhibited in many exhibitions around the world including Tate modern in London, The Moscow museum of modern art, The Israel and the Tel Aviv museum in Israel, The Charlottenburg kunsthhalle in Copenhagen, The Moscow and Poznan Biennale and other venues in Germany France, Italy and Usa.

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