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Mágia (r) kocka

A new exhibitionat the CuratorialStudiesGalleryof the Kibbutzim College of Education and the CCA:

“Mágia(r) kocka” – Hungarian Magic Cube – video exhibition of Hungarian artists

Curated by

Dvora Bochman

Participating artists:

Eike, Lajos Csontó, Tamás Komoróczky

Ádám Ulbert, Erika Baglyas, János Sugár

Endre Koronczi, Ilona Lovas, Szacsva y Pál

Gyula Július, Zsolt Vásárhelyi, Szabolcs KissPál

The Mechanicalpuzzlecalledthe Rubik’s Cube, was inventedin 1974byErnoRubik, a sculptorandDoctorof Architecturefrom Budapest, Hungary. Rubikdealt with thegeometryandthe studyofthree –dimensional forms and aspired tocreatea channel through whichstudentsclarify issues of 3DformDesign.

The hypothesisthat successful export of thecube had a major contribution to accelerating thetransitionfrom communismto capitalism remains controversial, butthere is no denyingthat it was the best sellingtoyin history. In this exhibition, Rubik’s Cube is viewed as a metaphor forcomplexsystems, which their convolutedmechanism is hiddenfrom view, anddeciphering them requiressophistication.

The gallery space, commonly known as a ‘white cube‘, acts here as an artistic equivalent ofa Rubik’s Cube. Both function as mechanisms charged with secrecy, utilizing puzzles andgamesas their governing rule.

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