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Mondays at the Center – January

All lectures are brought to you in association with the Curatorial Studies Program of the Kibbutzim College of Education

Dr. Aim Duelle Luski – Horizontal Photography as an Introduction to New Philosophy

Mon 3.1 at 20:00

From the catalog of the exhibition “Pleated Blinds” by curator Ory Dessau:

“An image that is not a result of light blocking is created by the hole cameras of Aim Luski, the negative is placed inside the box, letting the rays of light, arriving from several different holes,  fall firstly on the tip of the material, slowly washing inwards and then outwards again. In Luski’s own words: “It is impossible to distinguish between what arrives inwards and what retreats back, it is a continuous event in which one cannot place boundaries as much as one cannot desecrate it.” Luski’s project stands against what he calls “the Vertical Photography”, a method that to him maintains the structure of perspective that allows the political order to govern the current reality.”

Aim Luski is a philosopher as well as an artist, his works where exhibited in many different institutions, mainly public ones. Luski is a teacher in Minshar, TAU, Betzalel, and Beit Berel Academy.

Prof. Amnon Wolman- Sound, Image and Time

Mon 10.1 at 20:00

Both in his sound instillations and in performances, Wolman discusses the tension between human beings and the machines built by them. Most of his work nowadays regards time and the means one has to describe it in visual and audible ways, which will reflect time as a specific sequence isolated from other narratives. Among the works Wolman will present some will deal with political issues in which time represents the past or the future, and some will have a unique personal view in which time is concealed to the viewer.

Amnon Wolman is a sound artist and composer, lectured in Oxford, Berkley, Northwestern, and the NYCU. Now he is teaching in TAU, and the Jerusalem Music Academy. He exhibited in the Issue Project Room in New York, GASP Boston, The Museum for Contemporary Art in Chicago, and in many more important institutions worldwide.

Amit Goren – Within Film and Video Limits

Mon 17.1 at 20:00

What is the motive? What makes you curious? Challenged? What is the meaning of home, location and identity? This are the main issues dealt with in Goren’s films. His main interest is in the perception of reality, whether it is political, social, or cultural, and the way his viewpoints surfaces in his films.

Amit Goren is a film maker and a video artist, his many films won an impressive variety of awards both in Israel and in Europe. He exhibits in many important institutes and his works were in the Venice Biennial (2003) and many more museums and galleries throughout the world.

Entrance 10 NIS

Free entrance for friends of the CCA

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