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NAVIGATING THE UNKNOWN: Fears and Pleasures of Dizziness

Screenings, Lectures, Talks and Performances A project by Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna in co-operation with Vivian Ostrovsky, Ruti Gadish and Sergio Edelsztein 21st-23rd of March, 2016

The CCA is pleased to present Navigating the Unknown: Fears and Pleasures of Dizziness, a three-day interdisciplinary conference that explores the various aspects of dizziness and delirium. The conference is the fruit of an artistic research project by Austrian artists Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond who explore how states of dizziness, blurring, and hallucination are positioned at the edge of our knowledge, inspire us in new ways, and push the boundaries of our cognitive world.

The program includes lectures, performances, and screenings by artists, writers, and scientists from around the world whose diverse approaches reflect how the phenomenon of dizziness can be fully understood only through a combination of thought and experience.

Highlights include the Israeli premier of Yael Bartana’s newest film, “Pardes,” which documents the ayahuasca ritual in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil; psychobiologist Prof. Matityahu Mintz explores the relationship between equilibrium and emotional conditions; Charlotte Hug, one of Switzerland’s leading musicians, premieres “Insomnia – Dizziness Circular”; British artist Catherine Yass presents the film “Lighthouse”; and Vivian Ostrovsky’s installation archives images projected on surfaces or objects – sometimes moving, sometimes stationary – in a way that causes viewers to lose their sense of direction.


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