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November 2010

Lecture by Chen Shenberg

“Stan Barkhage Visual Thought in Movement

Mon 1.11 20:00

Barkhage was a poet of vision, Many of his films dealt with the nature of sight itself, and with the limits of the human visualize perception that one would usually not come across in conventional cinema. His works discuss subjects as death, sexuality, birth, and the horrors of the war.

Chen Shenberg is a curator and experimental film researcher, a director of both experimental films and documentaries and a video artist.

Entrance fee is 10 NIS

Free entrance for friends of the CCA

Activity for Children

Talk & Film

“The Circus” by Chaplin

Sat 6.11 11:00

A rare opportunity to watch the beloved classics with your children. Before the screening there will be a short conversation regarding film in its first steps, the combination between image, movement and sound in Chaplin’s master piece.

Entrance fee is 25 NIS

Free entrance for friends of the CCA

“OFF” Series part II Video Art

Sadie Benning

Mon 8.11 20:00

Last screening of the OFF series II

Sadie Benning started at a very young age making videos about finding her identity from her diaries and personal thoughts. She reveals intimacies with the camera concerning her sexuality and through humor and honesty. Her more recent work has moved into animation and film.

Flat is Beautiful, 1998, 50 min.

If Every Girl Had a Diary, 1992, 8 min.

Girl Power, 1992, 15 min.

Me and Rubyfruit, 1990, 5:30 min.

German Song, 1995, 5 min.

Entrance fee is 10 NIS

Free entrance for the friends of the CCA

Yossi Mar- Haim

“What is new in the old fashioned”

Mon 15.11 20:00

In his new works, Yossi Mar Haim, examines all of the technologic devices that he had used as a young man, at the time the most cutting edge machines used for electronic music. Those useless devices came back to life as the world of art got interested in the “old fashioned”.

Yossi Mar Haim is an active composer since 1965, He has written over 60 symphonies and operettas, and about a 150 works for film, theater, and dance shows. In the past four years he has been working with analog devices and assimilating them into relevant present times. During his lecture he will demonstrate pieces from his work called “Veteran Loop Master”.

Entrance fee is 10 NIS

Free entrance for friends of the CCA

Who is Afraid of Contemporary Music

“It is All About the Composition”

Tue 16.11 20:00

The series will discuss the variety of contemporary music, from Cage and co. revolution in the 30’s, through electronic music and noise, jazz and improvisation, and all the way to the newest technological inventions. The series will include lectures and music performances.

Series editor “Order Interference” – Ilan Volkov.

A lecture and performance dedicated to Cage and Duchamp and the mutual relationship between music and the arts. Starting the 30’s Cge and Duchamp started a radical project; Re- examining all the basics of the world of art and music and  exploring in different ways the basic assumptions that had been around for ages regarding art and music. The lecture will discuss the ways in which this artists have crossed the lines between the different disciplines, and the meaning that music had in the works of art of artists such as Rauschenberg, De Kooning, and others. Lecture by Eran Zax

Music by Ram Gabai

Entrance fee is 10 NIS

Free entrance for friends of the CCA

Shabbat Lab

The Moving Image

Sat 20.11 10:00

The Shabbat Lab is the first series of its kind in Israel: an artistic workshop for kids ages 5-10, with an emphasis on the medium of Video Art, on Saturday mornings. The new series invites children to a fascinating encounter with Israeli and international art, while focusing on video art and an experimental cinema. The language of these contemporary mediums is attractive and approachable for children. The meetings will include touring the current exhibition, watching video art from the CCA’s video archive, and a practical creative workshop. The different activities aim to encourage curios and independent thought, while developing creative ways of expression. This is an invitation to go out on a journey of exploration, observation and play! The program is designed and taught by Eden Benet and Tali Keren, two young artists, experienced in teaching and working with children.

35 NIS

Ages 5-7 10:00- 11:30

Ages 8-10 12:00- 13:30

Lecture by Gilad Ratman

Mon 22.11 20:00

This May, Diana Shoef of the CCA received a letter from Gilaad:

Dear Diana Shoef,

I am currently residing in Kamchatka. A small peninsula in Siberia. The tinny hut in which I live in has no electricity, but we do have Balalaika. Every single day I milk our single goat, and make love to Ludemilla, my thick legged, good hearted woman. I own a huge eagle, that resembles me very much, and to my order he flies round and round above our humble home making noises of an eagle. Tomorrow we will start accumulating fish fat to cover ourselves through the horrifying winter.

My life is good here and I am never coming back.

Video Art is bullshit, trust me.

During this lecture Gilad will try to explain what led him to write this lines. Lines that led to his sudden death.

Gilad Ratman was an artist that had exhibitions in all of the finest establishments, and is well praised by artists and intellectuals all over the world.

Entrance fee is 10 NIS

Free entrance for friends of the CCA

VideoZone V

The 5th Video Art Biennial


VideoZone V initiated and produced by the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv– will be the Fifth International Video Art Biennial in Israel to be held November 23th – 29th, 2010

During the event’s six-day duration, 30 different programs of experimental films, video and digital art will be screened in the auditorium of the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv and at Tel Aviv Cinematheque. The program will comprise a unique selection by about 150 Israeli and international video artists.

As it is already a tradition, Video Zone events will be open with an exhibition at the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, titled Into the Eye of the Storm curated by Chen Tamir.

Into the Eye of the Storm brings together video works that use the camera as a protagonist or that otherwise call to question the power the camera has on its environment and the subjects it records. In a media-saturated world, where our personal and collective realities are increasingly mediated by video imagery, we must constantly analyze what forces shape what and how we exchange information.

Exhibition Opening

Building Memory

Wed 24.11 20:00

Opening of the exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art:

Building Memory – Four Films about Architecture, Monuments and Community

Curatorial team: Inke Arns (Dortmund), Maria Morzuch (Lodz), Marcel Odenbach (Cologne), Simon Rees (Vilnius), Diana ShoefMartin Wälde (Warsaw). (Tel Aviv) and

Participating artists: Miroslaw Bałka (Poland), Yael BartanaDeimantas Narkevičius (Lithuania), Marcel Odenbach (Israel),

With works by Kara Walker (USA)and Dor Guez (Israel).

Until January 22nd, 2011

Party with D.J. Eyal Rob (Soulico)

Guided Tours

Every Fri & Sat 12:00

The CCA is happy to launch new guided tours of the exhibition on weekends, every Friday and Saturday at 12:00. The tours will be guided by graduates of the curatorial studies Program of the Kibbutzim College of Education and the CCA.

No extra charge (10 NIS) Free entrance for friends of the CCA

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