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OFF Series Part II: Masters of Video Art

Following the first part of OFF Series, consisted of five programs of Avant-Garde films from the Israeli Film Archive, we started in February with the second part devoted to 11 Masters of the Video Art.

Each program, screened once a month at the Center for Contemporary Art and at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, will present one artist. The first program was devoted to Vito Acconci.

Other participating artists: John Baldessari, Joan Jonas, George Kuchar, Chip Lord, Tony Oursler, Yvonne Rainer, Martha Rosler, Sadie Benning, Dara Birnbaum and William Wegman.

Curators: Sergio Edelsztein and Sala-Manca

Production: The Center for Contemporary Art

Funded by the Ostrovsky Family Fund

OFF Series-Part II – Masters of Video Art

Supported by Ostrovsky Family Fund

Curators: Sergio Edelsztein and Sala-Manca Group

Production: The Center for Contemporary Art

Program 10- Georg Kuchar

Monday October 4th, at 20:00 at the CCA

George kuchar has become known as America’s most distinctive and outrageous underground filmmaker of the 1950 s’ 1960 s’ and 1970. He works with his home- made 8mm camcorder, cheap special effects and enlists his friends as actors to create exciting and prolific independent films. He now teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute, where he creates with his students new bodies of work.

we the Normal -, 1987, 11:29 min Weather Diary 3  – 1988, 23:51min Season of  Sorrow –  1996 , 13:00 min Burnout – 2003 , 19:47 min Temple of Torment –  , 2006 , 18:00 min

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