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Rosa Barba

Working almost exclusively on film, Rosa Barba (b. 1972) usually dismembers  its very components. Sometimes it is only one of the film’s structural elements that is captured on celluloid: film scripts, director’s instructions or verbal descriptions rather than visual. Other times,sounds and images are combined, evoking stories of uncertainty and apocalyptic atmospheres.

In many ways, Barba seeks an “imageless cinema”, her works use the syntax of film precisely in the opposite way than conventional medium – by awakening dormant and archetypical sensations rather than fulfilling sensorial wishes. Her use of the 16 mm projector, the sound and flickering light as well as the use of film as material inform Barba’s personal approach to film.

The exhibition will feature 3 works – each exemplifying Barba’s unique approach. Outwardly from Earth’s Center (2007) – a narrative film on the unbelievable drifting of a remote Baltic island; Waiting Grounds (2007) – a narrative film loop integrating texts and desert imagery and One Way Out (2009) – a work in which the sculptural element dictates the ever changing image of the film.

Curator: Sergio Edelsztein

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