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Santiago Sierra: The names of those killed in the syrian conflict

The CCA presents a special performance of Santiago Sierra. For almost nine days, the names of thousands of people killed in the Syrian conflict will be read in various cities following a western trajectory that begins at the CCA in Tel Aviv. It will then continue to Wiener Festwochen in Vienna, Austria and Lisson Gallery, London, and conclude in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Performance Biennale BP.17

At CCA Tel Aviv, the performance will start on Sunday, May 21at 4:00pm and continue uninterruptedly until Tuesday, May 23 at 4:00pm. The 48 hours will be live-streamed in their entirety on social media and the artist’s website. i

The public is welcome to witness the performance at any point throughout its duration, day and night. live at the CCA. i

About Santiago Sierra

For the past two decades, Santiago Sierra has carried out provocative actions around the world. Influenced by the formal language of the minimal and conceptual art movements of the 1960s and 70s, Santiago Sierra’s work addresses the hierarchies of power and class that operate in our modern society and everyday existence. Sierra became well known for his actions in which underprivileged or marginalised individuals were hired to perform menial or pointless tasks in exchange for money. Pieces such as Person paid to have a 30 cm line tattooed on them, Regina Street # 51, Mexico City, May 1998 (1998) or 8 people paid to remain inside cardboard boxes, G&T Building. Guatemala City, August 1999 (1999) underline the situations of labourers’ exploitation, isolation, and repression within capitalist structures. By transforming individuals into consumer goods, Sierra also highlights current socio-political issues while challenging the intrinsic mechanisms of reality.

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