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Saturday Lab Kids Workshop: LIVES BETWEEN

Saturday Lab Kids Workshop | LIVES BETWEEN

On Migration and Wandering in Contemporary Art

Saturday, September 16 at 11am

Inspired by the new group exhibition “Lives Between,”  at the CCA, the upcoming Saturday Lab Kids Workshops will explore migration, travel and wandering in contemporary art. During the workshop, we will first visit the exhibition, in which we will discover diverse and thought-provoking works of art created by artists who live and work on the axis between two different places in the world, between their country of origin and their country of residence. We will continue to the workshop where we’ll put together distant lands, draw maps of them, and send illustrated postcards to our relatives. The event will be held in Hebrew.

Led by: Eden Bennett Ages: 6-10 Tickets: NIS 40 per child, NIS 32 for TLV Digital cardholders Duration: 1.5 hours Tickets required Facebook Event

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