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Talk & Film- Activity for Kids

Magic in Early Cinema

Saturday 8.1.2011 11:00

This meeting will be dedicated to the art of magic as it comes to life in the early works of cinema. We will be screening a few short wonderful movies by the brilliant Melies who improved many aspects of film editing.

Afterwards we will screen Ben Hagari’s film Invert; Like a dream in a Surrealist film, Invert presents one day in a world that has been inverted. The human beings and objects in this work are portrayed based on the principle of complementary colors (black turns to white, red to green, blue to orange, and yellow to purple). In addition, light and shadow are reversed (light darkens and shadow become fluorescent). Invert, the figure of the artist painted with negative make up, will try to keep this inverted world in order by performing everyday actions and by teaching his parrot to speak.

Slapstick Encyclopedia

Saturday 15.1.2011 11:00

The Center for Contemporary Art is proud to present: strait from the Keystone Studios- the top actors of the comedian silent films!

This meeting will be entirely dedicated to the art of humor, we will be screening short films by the best comedians of the silent era; from Laurel and Hardy to Keaton and Chaplin, and many more.

A rare opportunity to watch the adored classic movies on the big screen.

Modern Times

Saturday 29.1.2011 11:00

A rare opportunity to watch the beloved classics with your children.

Before the screening there will be a short conversation regarding film in its first steps, the combination between image, movement and sound in Chaplin’s master piece.

Entrance 25 NIS

Free entrance for friends of the CCA

Program Editor: Ruth Finkenthal

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