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Tchelet Ram: Third Wheel Publication Launch

Saturday, July 21 at 12 pm

Since the opening of her solo exhibition at CCA, Tchelet Ram has been working on a publication that encapsulates the spirit of the exhibition, escaping traditional categories such as exhibition catalogue or artist book, placing itself somewhere in the middle. Nine writers received an image from the exhibition and were invited to write about it. In the publication, each text appears alongside its related image, continuing a long tradition that connects images and texts, experience and interpretation, looking and reading.

Designed by Yon Shavit, the publication includes contributions written by Avigail Ben-Dor Niv, Asaf Eden, Alma Fogiel, Yonatan Levy, Tamir Lichtenberg, Lior Ofir, Shani Pocker, Horesh Ram, and Ido Yoav, together with an essay by Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, curator of the exhibition, and installation shots by Liat Elbling.

Join us for the launch of this publication, which on this occasion will be offered at a special price, and don’t miss the opportunity to see our current exhibitions “Tchelet Ram: Third Wheel” and “Laurent Montaron: Replica.”

Drinks provided by Malka Beer.

Photo: Liat Elbling

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