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WACKELKONTAKT – ZCHUT KIUM Thursday, March 8, 9 pm WACKELKONTAKT​ is a project conceived by the subversive Jerusalem-based collective ​OOMVABOREG, ​which is also part of an ephemeral ‘conceptual-umbrella’ organization named ​Excessive Productions​. These and other names are part of the pseudo-cultural activity of a trio consisting of Tomer Damsky, Eyal Lally Bitton and Marco Milevski.

The group uses sound, light and space as raw materials in order to create objects that are rooted in spectatorship and self-critique. Aesthetically excessive, rooted in multiplicity, intensity and deconstruction, the trio employs physical energy as a driving force, testing its impact on the spectator experience.

WACKELKONTAKT​ is the culmination of OOMVABOREG’s seven-day residency at the Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv. During this residency, the trio worked in the auditorium following their research and modus operandi. In ​WACKELKONTAKT,​ the audience confronts a brutal audiovisual flood that acts upon all senses, creating a situation in which the dilemma is whether to struggle or let the body be totally immersed in the show. The combination of light, image and smoke, on stage, are capturing the spectator’s focus, creating a bodily experience based on infinite stimulations and fantasies.

Between 2014 and 2017 the group created multimedia installations for festivals and exhibitions such as ​Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale​ in Tirana, Albania; Musrara Mix Festival in Jerusalem; Tectonics at Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv; InDNegev Music Festival in Mitzpe Gvulot, Israel. In January and February 2018, ​WACKELKONTAKT​ toured in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.

Special guest: Dana Tkatch

Opening doors at 9 pm

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