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As one of the prominent art institutions in Israel, CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo offers special educational programs for adults and children of all ages. Our educational programs for children come in many forms, and include a bimonthly children’s workshop, and special events. In 2015, recognizing the need for a deeper engagement with our diverse audiences, the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo allocated the neighboring bomb shelter to the Center to be turned into an educational hub. Our expanded educational programs cater to schools, as well as diverse community groups such as teenagers, senior citizens, asylum seekers, and other underserved adults and children. Our hub is a vibrant place of inspiration, provocation, and reflection. Its educational programs for adults and children foster observational and analytical skills, dialogue, and creativity while developing digital fluency. With a special emphasis on our exhibitions, the programs focus on deepening the understanding of contemporary culture, encouraging a passion for creativity and knowledge, and providing unique and enriching tools for self-expression. For many of the participants and attendees, this is the first encounter with contemporary art exhibitions and such event is pivotal in the development of a visual language that will follow them in their future engagement with the creative fields and in life in general.


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A bimonthly 90-minute workshop led by CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo Educational Manager Eden Bannet for children ages 6-10 on Saturday mornings, in Hebrew. It includes a tour of our current exhibitions, guided screenings of works from the Video Archive and a hands-on creative activity for small groups. The workshops are designed to encourage discussion, independent thinking, active exploration and creative experimentation, inspired by the fascinating encounter with Israeli and international artworks.


CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo presents seven-to-ten exhibitions per year and each of them is accompanied by tours in Hebrew, Arabic and English. The aim of our exhibition tours is to make the work of the artists we exhibit accessible to our diverse audiences – aficionados as well as newcomers; all of which share a strong passion for cutting edge art that benefits from a discourse that comes from within the field itself and nurtures it. The presence of tours in three languages allows for a more inclusive experience, generating meaningful connections to the multicultural identity of Tel Aviv-Yafo and to the many communities residing in Israel.


Public programming is a key element of our mission and every exhibition presented at the Center comes with a series of events, including artist talks, roundtables, conversations, lectures, and workshops. The goal of such educational formats is to put art in context, expanding the relevance of our exhibitions. These events are designed to trigger, within the participants, connections to previous works made by the same artist or other artists that share similar practices. It provides a frame of reference to art history as well as to other disciplines such as philosophy, music, dance, cinema and fashion – often through social and political perspectives. In addition, CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo initiates an annual series of events that runs independently from the exhibitions such as Case in Point, CINEMAY, Giornata del Contemporaneo, or the Night of Philosophy, as well as book launches and lectures. As part of its educational mission, CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo also provides special extra curriculum programs for high schools and art academies.

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