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Please join us for the presentation of Five Motions, an action by Public Movement and part of “NOT IN MY NAME,” CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo’s annual group exhibition. According to Public Movement “we all share the same anatomy but have different experiences of it; as if everything that happens is encrypted in our body, it has memories: encounters, wounds, thrills; our collective body remembers our mutual history and encapsulates it as a hidden choreography. Five Motions is a concise lexicon of these social imprints that emerge between us.” The piece was created for and commissioned by Vistamare in Milan.

Duration: 30 mins

Admission: 20₪

Register here

Public Movement

Five Motions, 2022

View of the action at Vistamare, Milan

Photo: Andrea Rossetti

Action | Five Motions by Public Movement

June 30, 2022



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