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Please join us for a talk by the New-York-based, author and artist Sam Truitt. During the talk, Truitt will share his insights on the use of language in the visual, audial, and performative fields through various projects, including works of “Action Poetry” as faced in his new media workssuch as Transverse (2004), Dicte (2013) and projects most recently from the Station Hill Intermedia Lab (Intermedia 1, Landfall, and Os). Furthermore, truitt will define terms such as “sudden diction,” “spontaneous composition,” “kerf interaction,” “mimesis” and ask the question “What would it be like to step inside a poem?”

The event will be held in English.

Duration: 60 mins

Admission: 20₪

To register click here 

Sam Truitt

Dicte, 2013

Video still

Courtesy of the artist

Action Poetics | Sam Truitt

November 7, 2022



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