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Please join us for a conversation between artist Rona Yefman and curator Tamar Margalit, in which they will discuss the project from its inception: what initially drew Yefman to the figure of Netiva Ben Yehuda, what she represented (and still represents) to her, and the unique relationship that transpired between them over the course of the five years in which Yefman documented her extensively. In addition, they will address a host of artistic decisions that guided the project. Those include the question of how to edit a vast trove of documentary materials to an exhibition format, the decision to incorporate additional archival materials, and how the different bodies of work relate to the space. Finally, they will pick apart the complex issues that surface in the exhibition that weave together Ben Yehuda’s life story and collective memory.

The event will be held in Hebrew.

Duration: 60 mins

Admission: 20 ₪

Register here

Rona Yefman

Dream, 2022

Inkjet print of collage, 30×40 cm

Courtesy the artist and Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv / Zurich

Conversation | Rona Yefman and Tamar Margalit

April 28, 2022



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