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Please join us for a conversation between Irit Sommer, a gallerist with spaces in Tel Aviv and Zurich and the founder of Aviv Association for Art, Itay Mautner, Artistic Director (with Michal Vaknin) of the Israel Festival, and Nirith Nelson, Landeau Family Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at Israel Museum, Jerusalem, moderated by Nicola Trezzi, Director and Curator at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The conversation – the second event of the new season of the Pop-Up Swiss Talk – will see Sommer, Nelson, Trezzi and Mautner sharing their thoughts on the current state of culture in times of crisis and uncertainty. While society at large seems to focus on issues related to survival, questions about the role of culture emerge, reaching a point in which its existence is put under question. Following these premises the conversation will attempt to shed light on possible strategies to deal with such a scenario, using the establishment of Aviv Association for Art and its mission to connect the Israeli and Swiss scenes as a study case.

The event will be held in English and it is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Israel. it will be followed by a reception with refreshment and Swiss wine.

Duration: 60 mins

Admission: free

The number of participants is limited, to register please send an email to CCA Office Manager, Guy Bernard Reichmann, at

Guy Ben Ner

Go Back Where U Came From, 2023

Mixed media, installation view at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Conversation | The State of Culture in Time of Crisis

January 24, 2024



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