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Please join us for a tour of “Daniel Meir: kkkkkkhhhhhh” and “Omer Halperin: Pictures” led by Tamar Margalit, curator of both exhibitions. The tours will introduce the practice of Meir – a sound artist whose exhibition presents us with a unique sound installation that reintroduces us to our environment through sonic means – and Halperin – whose exhibition is the first painting exhibition in the Center’s history throughout its 25 years of activity. Furthermore, the tour will present the curatorial premises of the two exhibitions, highlighting the different sensory experiences that each of them offers.

The tour will be held in English.

Duration: 45 min

Admission: included in the entrance fee (20₪)

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Omer Halperin

In transmission, 2024

Soft pastels and charcoal on paper mounted on wood, 150 × 91 cm; view from the installation at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo 

Photo: Liat Elbling 


Daniel Meir

kkkkkkhhhhhh, 2024

Sound installation; view from the installation at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo

Photo: Liat Elbling

Exhibition tour | “Daniel Meir: kkkkkkhhhhhh” and “Omer Halperin: Pictures” (English)

May 4, 2024



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