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Please join artists Naama Arad, Eran Nave and Ishai Shapira Kalter, and curator Nicola Trezzi for a tour of “Blade Memory,” currently on view at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo. Planned for the very last hour of the exhibition, the tour will summarize several discussions that were held between Arad, Nave and Shapira Kalter, curators of “Blade Memory,” and Trezzi, the Center’s Director and Curator, before the exhibition opened and during its course. Furthermore, it will locate this project within a larger trajectory, connecting it to the history of Israeli art and to the history of exhibitions curated by artists. Last but not least, Arad, Nave and Shapira Kalter will share details about the second chapter of “Blade Memory,” which is set to open at the Dortmunder Kunstverein in September 2021.

The event will be held in English.

Naama Arad, Eran Nave and Ishai Shapira Kalter installing Yitzhak Golombek’s Comb (1989) at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo

Photo: Yaron Attar

Exhibition tour | Blade Memory

April 3, 2021



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