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Please join us for an exhibition tour of “Substrate,” CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo’s annual group exhibition. Led by Tamar Margalit, curator at the Center and of the exhibition, this event is a unique opportunity to experience the works exhibited and to hear about their creation and presentation within the Center’s galleries. Furthermore, it will allow the visitors to learn about the focus of the exhibition, which responds to the transformations in our environment in various manifestations, not as a theme in the works but as source material.

The event will be held in English.

Duration: 45 min

Admission: included in the entrance fee (20₪)

To register, click here

Nina Canell

Soft Corner (Visitation), 2016-2022

Copper pipes, neon, cable 3000 Volt, installation view at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo

Courtesy of the artist and Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo / Brussels / New York

Photo: Daniel Hanoch

Exhibition tour | Substrate (English)

August 12, 2023



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