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Following his previous lectures on Louise Bourgeois and Tatiana Trouvé, and his last one on hidden connections between Alberto Giacometti, Cy Twombly, and Louise Lawler, this time Dr. Daniel Milman will follow the color yellow – protagonist of Esther Kläs’s current solo exhibition at the Center – as a starting point for a special investigation of three figures: Stendhal, Proust, and Freud. Reaffirming his unique style, already employed in his previous lectures, Dr. Milman’s set of interpretations and ruminations challenge our understanding and acceptance of the border between historical facts and personal narratives.

The event will be held in English.

Image by CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo

Lecture | From Freud’s Yellow Flowers and Proust’s Little Piece of Yellow Wall to Esther Kläs’s Start by Dr. Daniel Milman

November 4, 2019



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