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Museion, the modern and contemporary art museum in Bolzano, Italy, has the ambition to be a “platform of dialogue and encounter.” This characteristic makes Museion unique partly thanks to its geographic position: born in 1985 to present art “from Ala to Kufstein” (synonymous of South Tyrol) today, with its new venue inaugurated in 2008, the museum goes way beyond the borders of the hold Central Europe and has “global” inspirations, although it retains the role of crossroads of different cultures. Letizia Ragaglia’s lecture will illustrate Museion’s activities with particular attention to exhibitions dedicated to Italian art, which happen in continuous dialogue with the territory and its reality, but also with the international scene. Regarding the international scene, Ragaglia will put the focus on recent solo exhibitions by Israeli artists Haim Steinbach and Keren Cytter, this last one being a collaboration with the Center.

The event will be held in English and is supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Tel Aviv.

“Keren Cytter: Mature Content,” 2019

View of the exhibition at Museion, Bolzano (Italy)

© Museion Bozen / Bolzano

Photo: Max Pescio

Lecture | The Museum as a Platform of Dialogue and Encounter by Letizia Ragaglia

June 26, 2019



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