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Christophe Boutin and Mélanie Scarciglia are the founders and owners of Three Star Books, which was established in 2007 in Paris and produces books and editions with contemporary living artists. At Three Star Books the term “Artist’s book” is interpreted loosely, as the final product often exceeds the physical and conceptual parameters of publishing. During their lecture, Boutin and Scarciglia – who have worked several times with Jonathan Monk – will present the genesis of Three Star Books and share some insights connected to working with artists in this capacity and running a business as such in 2020. This lecture is held in conjunction with “Jonathan Monk: Exhibit Model Six – The Tel Aviv Version” and it is part of a series which – inspired by Monk’s multifaceted practice – features meetings with the following figures in the field of art: the artist, the editor, the collector and the curator.

The event will be held in English.

Jonathan Monk

The End (Paris), 2019

Handmade marbled paper with silk screened text, Japanese stab binding, stamped slipcase, 24 pages, 25 × 35 cm

Courtesy the artist and Three Star Books, Paris

Lecture | Three Star Books

January 7, 2020



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