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Performed by Oran Barak, Harel Grazutis, and Nunzia Picciallo, Bottoms Know It (2019) is a new performative work by Alex Mirutziu commissioned and produced by the Center on the occasion of “Gaining in a State of Debt,” his solo exhibition currently on view. Alex Mirutziu’s performances oftentimes grapple with the difficulty of dying, mocking the notions of free will and sensemaking. He is interested in the ethics of depiction debunking idealization of reality by giving a disturbed language to bodies who accept their human limitations and shortcomings. In Bottoms Know it, the performers are torn between their will to see the whole, and witnessing of their own neurosis.

Rehearsal for Alex Mirutziu’s Bottoms Know It, 2019

Performance | Bottoms Know It by Alex Mirutziu

March 18, 2019



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