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Please join us for a gong bath performed by Snir Haim, who is an Israeli sound facilitator working internationally after studying at Università Popolare di Lucca (Italy), with sound healer and gong master Roberta Bottari. A gong bath is an encounter between sound, vibration and frequency with body, mind and consciousness. Haim will guide us at the beginning of the session and then the sounds will accompany each and everyone in this journey during which he will also play more instruments, such as bowls from the Himalayas, ocean drums and shells. Gongs have accompanied humankind for 4000 years and they produce harmonies that are pleasant to the ear and have the ability to affect brain waves. This event is presented on the occasion of Liora Kaplan’s solo exhibition, currently on view at CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Duration: 60 mins

Admission: 20₪

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Private gong bath session with Snir Haim

Photo: Neta Tsion

Performance | Gong bath with Snir Haim

March 9, 2022



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