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Led by artists and CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo Office Manager Guy Bernard Reichmann and Content Manager Mona Benyamin, “out-of-office” is a series of events to be presented in the Marc Schimmel Multipurpose Gallery. Focused on time-based practices such as video, dance, and performance, and in line with the multidisciplinary mission of the Center, “o-o-o” was conceived as a way to nurture the domestic scene.

Please join us for the premiere of HyperDirection, an audiovisual piece by Orr Sinay and Dani Williamson. HyperDirection is a closed circle where the musicians (and the audience) play together a specific musical segment based on moving images and videos that function as notes. However, the musical output played by the musicians and the audience affects the images on screen and changes them, generating a live endless loop. The piece deals with the phenomenon of stuttering in its social and neurological aspect and transferring it to musical instruments.

Concept and system operation by Orr Sinay and Dani Williamson; Drums by Adam Cohen; Cello by Tom Klein.

Duration: 40 min

Admission: 40₪

For tickets, click here

Orr Sinay and Dani Williamson

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Performance | out-of-office: HyperDirection

March 7, 2024



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