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The exhibition “Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof: Works” currently on view at the Center, includes a program of video works, a series of events and a new dance piece, which is the main component of the entire project. Entitled Rakonto Kun, it features three dancers with the participation of its creators. The live soundtrack, composed and performed by Ohad Fishof, is a fundamental element in the unique performative realm that characterizes the duo’s work. Like their previous work, The Burnt Room, Rakonto Kun was created to be performed in a room. The audience sits around the performers in close proximity to the happening, physically enclosing the performance space. The texts featured in the piece are in Esperanto, the utopian language invented in the late 19th century by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof. Rakonto Kun takes place somewhere in the fantasy territory of ethnographic fiction. It contains the primeval and the futuristic, as well as absurdity, sorrow, darkness, and physical intensity. Alongside the ongoing articulation of an aesthetic vision that is based, first and foremost, on human movement, at the heart of Zuk & Fishof’s collaborative practice lies the complex interaction between the ocular and the auditory. The way they work within, around, and against the audio-visual contract draws from a wide range of traditions such as sound art, film, ballet, pop, and folklore. Their typical interdisciplinary mixture of dance, sound, and performance exists in its utmost complexity within the poetic space between the audible and the visual. Rakonto Kun is conceived and choreographed by Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof, and performed by Hsin-Yi Hsiang, Ori Kroll and Matan David; light and costumes are designed respectively by Dani Fishof and Shai Ben-Zvi.

Rakonto Kun’s visual campaign by Photo Julie

Performance | Rakonto Kun by Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof

February 9, 2020



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