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Inspired by “Jonathan Monk: Exhibit Model Six – The Tel Aviv Version,” currently on view at the Center, the upcoming Saturday Kids Lab will focus on contemporary art that uses photography and photographic collage techniques in order to create two-dimensional illusionary space. First, we will visit the exhibition and see how, using a wallpaper covering to the Center’s walls, the artist has created a two-dimensional photo installation that replicated an exhibition space, to which he added three-dimensional artworks and art objects that spread across the space. Together, we will explore the exhibition and ask questions about origin and copy, and the place the medium of photography, especially digital photography, takes in our experience of reality. Then, we will move to our Educational Hub and view more works by artists that use photography in order to create illusionary spaces. Finally, we will continue with hands-on activities, where the kids will build small models of an imaginary space by using collage techniques and photographic replicas, together with other materials.

The Saturday Kids Lab is led by CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo Educational Manager Eden Bannet for children between 6 and 10-year old.

David Hockney

Pearblossom Highway No. 2, 1986

Photographic collage, 198 × 282 cm

Courtesy of the David Hockney Foundation

Saturday Kids Lab | A Replicated World

February 1, 2020



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